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“Play More Hockey”

Home of the 2017 and 2018 Street Hockey USA Nationals Champions Rec B Division

We are located at 531 Mt Nebo Rd Pittsburgh Pa 15237

412-491-3584  northhillsdekhockey@yahoo.com

  • Check out our Adult Dek and Youth Leagues
  • Adult Leagues skill levels A, B, C1, C2, C3, C4, D1, D2, D3, D4, D5
  • Youth Hockey for All Ages and skill levels
  • Sponsorships and Advertising Opportunities are available
  • Full Stats
  • Hall of Fame, Career Achievements, Player Awards
  • Adult Dek team registration is $600 a season, 10 game season plus playoffs!
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North Hills Dek Hockey

North Hills Dek Hockey

North Hills Dek Hockey is an outdoor dek hockey rink for youth and adult leagues located on Mt Nebo

2 months ago

North Hills Dek Hockey
Spring Dek Hockey season registration is open until March 11th. Youth leagues, Adult leagues, Learn to Play Program. Ages 4 to 99 anyone over the age of 70 plays FREE 🙂 Full Stats, Player Awards, Live Streaming Games, New Dek Surface installing soon! We are a FUN FIRST hockey experience. SIGN UP TODAY! www.northhillsdekhockey.com ... See MoreSee Less
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All players MUST be 16 or older prior to their teams first game of the season
10 Game Season Plus Playoffs – $600 a team plus $20 a game ref fees

LEARN TO PLAY DEK HOCKEY (4 to 7) Mondays at 6pm (8 sessions)
PENGUIN (5 to 9) Thurs at 6pm, Fri at 6pm, Sats at 1pm (10 games plus playoffs)
BEAVER (10 to 12) Tues at 6pm, Weds at 6pm, Sats at 12pm (10 games plus playoffs)
CADET (ONLY AT CRANBERRY DEK) (13 to 15) Mon at 7pm, Weds at 7pm, Fri at 8pm, Sats at 2pm to 6pm (10 games plus playoffs)
FRESHMEN (ONLY AT CRANBERRY DEK) (15 to 19) Mon at 7pm, Weds at 7pm, Fri at 8pm, Sats at 2pm to 6pm (10 games plus playoffs)



This Coming Week:

Fri Apr 19th
7pm Team Logo Raw Banana Hands vs Team Logo Jesters
8pm Team Logo Saturday Game vs Team Logo Canaskan Invasion
9pm Team Logo Noonan vs Team Logo Retrograde
10pm Team Logo The Nematodes vs Team Logo Anarchy

Sat Apr 20th
(available for rentals)

Sun Apr 21st
9am Team Logo Mighty Bucks vs Team Logo Hawaii 5 Hole
10am Team Logo Steel City Mafia vs Team Logo Steamrollers
11am Team Logo Super Slash Bros vs Team Logo Norwegian Forest Cats
3pm Team Logo Instigators vs Team Logo P1
4pm Team Logo The Meat Farm vs Team Logo Kraken
5pm Team Logo The Meat Farm vs Team Logo Lokos
6pm Team Logo Brew Dawgs vs Team Logo Dawg Pound
7pm Team Logo Dawg Pound vs Team Logo Artie Express
8pm Team Logo Jagr Bombs vs Team Logo Wiseguys

Mon Apr 22nd
6pm Team Logo Team Logo Learn to Play Dek Hockey Session 5
7pm Team Logo P1 vs Team Logo Dekhounds
8pm Team Logo Chiefs vs Team Logo Gators
9pm Team Logo Manatees vs Team Logo Ballz Deep

Tue Apr 23rd
7pm Team Logo Team Logo Bowers Pickup League
8pm Team Logo The Nematodes vs Team Logo Green Monsters
9pm Team Logo All Galaxy vs Team Logo Lokos

Wed Apr 24th
7pm Team Logo Over The Top vs Team Logo Dude Sandwich
8pm Team Logo Zalastars vs Team Logo Space Cadets
9pm Team Logo Selz Nation vs Team Logo Legacy

Thu Apr 25th
6pm Team Logo Team Logo Penguin of the Dek 5
7pm Team Logo Retrograde vs Team Logo Wolfpack
8pm Team Logo Kraken vs Team Logo Mambas
9pm Team Logo Instigators vs Team Logo Spittin Chiclets
10pm Team Logo Anarchy vs Team Logo Legacy

Fri Apr 26th
7pm Team Logo The Goblins vs Team Logo Saturday Game
8pm Team Logo Canaskan Invasion vs Team Logo Dump and Chase
9pm Team Logo District 5 vs Team Logo Noonan
10pm Team Logo Raw Banana Hands vs Team Logo Steamrollers

Sat Apr 27th
(available for rentals)